Jackson Pin Tail Sawara Tune

Sale priceDhs. 76.00 AED


The Pintail Sagoshi lure, designed exclusively for baby mackerel, has gained immense popularity among passionate mackerel anglers. Building upon its success and the demand for a larger model to catch bigger mackerel, the Pintail Sawara was born, incorporating all the outstanding performance features of the Pintail Sagoshi.

Available in two sizes, 105mm with 35g and 120mm with 42g, the Pintail Sawara is not just larger in size, but also specifically designed for catching Spanish mackerel while retaining the signature Sagoshi tune. It can be used in conjunction with the Sagoshi tune to target fish of different sizes from the school, with the Sawara tune aimed at catching larger mackerel. Now, anglers can catch bigger fish with all the exceptional features of the Sagoshi Tune.

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