Megabass Kanata AYU SW 160mm – Floating

Sale priceDhs. 98.00 AED



The Megabass Kanata Ayu SW, is a tall bodied, narrow profile, 160mm, 30gram, floating, saltwater, jerk bait minnow fishing lure that is designed specifically for sub-surface action.

What makes this lure unique is its super-thin profile. Because of the little resistance that it creates, the Kanata Ayu SW, will exhibit a realistic hi-pitch rolling action on a straight retrieve, allowing maximum flashes of reflection off its tall flanks.

What makes this lure come alive into a jerk bait is on a twitched-pause retrieve pattern, which has the effect of making the Kanata Ayu SW dart erratically, stop and float to the surface. It is on the rise, where the highest chance of getting a strike takes place, making this lure deadly as a jerk bait.

The lure comes equipped with three tungsten-moving balancers, which guarantee excellent casting distances even in strong head winds.

As a big bait, the Kanata Ayu SW imposes its presence making it enticing as a target for large predators.

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